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Introduction to "On Practice" and How it Inspires Our Product

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    J. S. Anderson

On Practice

"On Practice" is a philosophical essay written by Mao Zedong, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, in 1937. The essay is a critique of philosophical idealism and emphasizes the importance of practical experience in gaining knowledge.

Mao discusses the relationship between theory and practice. He argues that theory and practice are inseparable and that knowledge can only be gained through practical experience. Mao emphasizes the importance of putting theory into practice and using practical experience to test and refine theories. He also stresses the importance of learning from mistakes and adjusting theories based on practical experience.

Mao Zedong gives an example about learning to swim to illustrate the importance of practice. Mao writes:

"Swimming is an activity which one can only learn by doing. No amount of explanation or theorizing can enable a person to swim. To learn to swim, one must enter the water and strike out for oneself. Practice in the water is the only way to acquire this ability. Similarly, a revolutionary must become a master of the art of swimming in the rough and tumble of actual struggle."

Mao uses this example to emphasize the importance of practical experience in learning and development. He argues that just as one cannot learn to swim through theory alone, one cannot become a revolutionary through theoretical knowledge alone. Rather, one must engage in practical struggle and learn through trial and error. Like learning to swim, becoming a revolutionary requires practice and experience in real-world situations.

Product Inspiration

So we built this website to bridge the gap between theory and practice and help people apply the insights they gain from books in a practical way.

Inspired by the ideas presented in Mao Zedong's essay 'On Practice', our product emphasizes the importance of practical experience and the inseparability of theory and practice. We provide this website that shares the most important ideas from books and offers practical exercises or activities that allow people to apply those ideas in their lives. By doing so, we create a practical and engaging way for people to learn and apply new concepts in their daily lives. Our goal is to help people lead more fulfilling, meaningful, and successful lives by applying the insights they gain from books in a practical way.